Customer Support Help Desk.

If you are an existing customer, you may use the help desk to receive service, open tickets, or check the status of a ticket.


Direct # is 501-978-5595
Local Texarkana # is: 903-792-7001.  Press 0 for the front desk.


You can automatically open a support ticket by sending an email to   Please include the following information so we can address your issue quickly:

  • Full name of the user experiencing the issue.
  • Description of the issue.
  • Priority
    • Low = One person affected or minor issue/irritation.
    • Medium = Group of users affected or there is a reasonable workaround.
    • High = Entire business affected or major business processes are stopped.
  • Best phone number or email address to reach the user directly.
  • Office/Location if your business has multiple locations.
  • PC Name if available.

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